Project #01 – Make a sound


This is the first makeAsynth project,

The chip is inserted with the dot in the lower left corner. This is pin 1.

This image shows what the pins do.

Step 1.

Insert the chip and the control knobs into the breadboard.

Step 2.

Connect the speaker to the chip.

Step 3.

Connect the chip and control knobs to the power strips.

Step 4.

Connect the control knobs to the chip.
And connect the AMP VC to the red power strip.

Verify that all connections are like the picture.

Finally connect the battery to the power strips.
Mind the color for correct polarity.

You should now hear a constant tone.

Turn the left knob to change the pitch and the right knob to adjust the filter and the color of the tone.

You have made your first basic synth.