Project #02 – Add a keyboard


This project adds a keyboard to the synth.

It has only one key but can still be played.

Step 1.

Insert the chip and the control knobs into the breadboard.

Step 2.

Connect the speaker to the chip.

Step 3.

Connect the chip and control knobs to the power strips.

Step 4.

Connect the control knobs to the chip.

Insert the button into the breadboard.
Connect the resistor between the button and the blue strip (BAT minus).
Connect a wire from the other side of the button to the red strip (BAT plus)

Verify that all connections are like the picture.

Finally connect the battery to the power strips.
Mind the color for correct polarity.


It should now be quiet when you connect the battery.
And make a sound when you push the button.

Turn the left knob to change the pitch and the right knob to adjust the filter and the color of the tone.

This is called a Gate and is what a musical keyboard does when you play the keys.