makeAsynt Basic kit


The makeAsynth kit is all about having fun and learning how synthesizers works.

The kit is for kids from 3* years up to 80+ years old.
(* contains small parts not suited for younger children.)

It’s also for any age wanting to learn how synthesizers work and electronic sounds are made.

The makeAsynth projects on this page are simple step-by-step instructions for building and exploring different configurations of a synthesizer.

The basic starter kit contains the breadboard and the parts for getting you started.

  • 1pcs half-size 440 patch point breadboard
  • 65pcs patch cable
  • 1pcs 2 AA battery holder
  • 1pcs 20mm 0.015 watt speaker
  • 1pcs 8-pin DIP synth chip
  • 2pcs alpha 9mm potentiometers
  • 1pcs push button
  • 1pcs 330uF electrolythic capacitor
  • 1pcs 1Kohm resistor
  • 1pcs 1N4148 diode

You can order a kit here:

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